A Year Had Gone By


As you see in my updates (as if I have millions of Followers who waited for this, hahaha), I was lost for more than a year. It wasn’t because something happened. Well a lot happened, much as I wanted to write in here and tell my feels and events, I forgot my password and often doesn’t have internet connection. Oh Philippines!

Now that I retrieved this blog. I might as well, slowly, update you of what had happened during 2015.


  • I graduated
  • Hired
  • Am now a grade school teacher
  • Friendship with bff fixed
  • Had a lot of fun with friends
  • SF things
  • Siblings united
  • Passed the LET
  • Had a lot of PTCs (Parent- Teacher Conference)
  • Church Activities (Ups and downs)
  • Affairs of the Heart (A Chance)


Zambales with the SC. (A Farewell)




This Might End Up A Story *reaction paper*

Ate Leng, I know marami nagsasabi nito sayo. But I just also have to say this, Mahal kita. Fave ko na din ang Chapter 15.

Grabe! yung nakita ko sarili ko kay Barbs. If I fall pa lang kaya ko nga sinubaybayan, but bcoz of TMEUAS, kay Seth, nagets ko din sarili ko. </3 Kung di man #SethRang ang ending, I’d still thank their characters. Sabi ko nga, I’m a Barang type. Ni-hindi nga ako mahilig magpuri sa friends ko kahit ang galing nila. So it’s so cheezy for me to express this thing to someone I really don’t know and who maybe didn’t even notice me. (JK. kinilig ako nung minsang nireplyan niya ko ng “thanks for reading” time pa ng TDG.) The feels to message you again. Hashtag courage. Kahiya. Haha.

I just can’t give feedback about how you write, writing, wrote ’cause realizations of the thought hit me. And I’m never a writer nor a reader. Yung series mo lang talaga. But for me, you’re one of the greatest of today’s generation young writers. Sorry to intrude, but sometimes I see you as Barang writing as your escape of expression and deep hidden feelings. or its just really me. Sorry

Siguro nga ang deep nila (characters) about love at their age. Kasi at my age I still can’t figure things that way. But the thing is, may reason naman yung mga hugot nila because of what they’ve been through. The clandestine of every character, is just awesome.

Maliban sa SDTG at TDG, this chapter na lang ulit ako umiyak. I hope you’ll keep on writing and inspire. Sana kung san mo hinuhugot yung ideas mo, manatili yan forever. ;))

Grabe, nakakahiya na. Ang haba na po nito. Idk if this would count as ReactionPaper. More powers.

PBB All In First Nomination List: Chevin, Maris and Loisa

Lucky Michele.


Three housemates landed in the first nomination list of Pinoy Big Brother All In.

pbb all in 2014 nomination
Here are the three housemates who will face the first eviction next week:

  • Chevin Cecilio – “Simpatikong Salesman ng Cam Sur” for being Insensitive (18 Points) – BBN (22.78%)
  • Maris Racal – “Singing Sunshine ng Davao” for being clumsy (7 Points)
  • Loisa Andalio– Talented Darling ng Paranaque – BBN(25.08%)

VOTE for your PBB ALL IN BIG FOUR below:

(NOTE: You can only vote ONCE per IP address)

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Field Study 5 (Learning Assessment Strategies)


Learning Assessment Strategies


A Portfolio Presented To: Teacher Education Department Northern Negros State College of Science

 And Technology Old Sagay, Sagay

City Negros Occidental


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in FS 5

Second Semester S.Y 2012-2013



Submitted By:  Ana Lou Muralla, Ether Ofilan, Preslene Palmos, Schwein Mae Tan and Jay Ar Aspero



                                                                 Submitted To: Mrs. Mary Grace Ofqueria

                                                                                    Subject Instructor




            We just want to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who were so generous with their time and expertise:

            To our Almighty God for the knowledge, strength and wisdom. His guidance leads us to select the most desirable way to success.

            To our parents who provided us their financial support, love, moral values and advices.

            To Mrs. Mary Grace Ofqueria as our mentor for our Field Study 5. We…

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30 Relaxing Activities

Staying Calm

So you want to go out and experience the world, but you don’t want to accumulate a bunch of stuff or spend a lot while doing it. Here are some relaxing things to do that require little or no stuff in order to do them:

1. Walk
A fantastic, low impact form of exercise that you could probably stand-up and do right now. Explore your local area. Get lost in your own town. Don’t go out with a place in mind, just wander and see where you end up.

2. Cook
We all gotta eat. Look up some recipes online. There are plenty of things you can cook which are much easier than you think. Try bannock, it’s the easiest bread you can bake: 3 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, add enough water to make a thick dough. Chuck the whole lot into a frying pan over…

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Baby in the Bottle ~ Benjamin Bautista

Teacher's Assistant to K-12

The truth was, Mr. Libre felt sorry for his wife. He was very careful to hide it from her, of course, but day by day, through the years, as he saw her watching the shriveled half-black baby in the bottle, he felt more and more sorry for her. She would touch the bottle gently, once in a while, and run her hands fondly over the cold glass; inside, the stiff, skinless body of a four-inch boy now dead for five years, would bob up and down in the green alcohol. And then sometimes, slowly, to herself, she would smile.
Mr. Libre‘s wife was a plain woman with high cheekbones and a sad mouth, who was only twenty-nine years old but whose eyes were no longer young. Mr. Libre himself was thirty-three but graying hair and some thick corded veins on his hands made him look older. He was a small…

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Count Not Your Chickens Before They Be Hatched




            A Brahman had wanted a lot out of his barley. He had imagined links on how he may become wealthy and famous through his hidden jar of barley. Unconsciously, when he was planning everything as to a day dream, he touched the jar making it fell from its place and broke out.





            As the saying goes “Count not the chicken before they are hatched”, the title itself will tell you what the storyline would be. It is long but catchy and striking in its way. It is like a headline of news that is abundant of information. The moment I read the title, I was reminded of being in the present at the same time, intrigued to what it has.


            The theme of having dreams and goals are very much visible to identify. Yet, as a student, reading this could make you strive harder and make goals to accomplish. To my own viewpoint, there is this author’s purpose to let us know about having those dreams and making them come true. Doing the best actions that you can, materializing all the ideas you have and avoiding them to fly just inside your mind.


            In our daily routines, the lesson I’ve learned from it can be applied. The morale that, “Yes, we can dream on. Plan as we can, but we should make sure to attain the best that we could.”


Let’s say, you have an exam for the next day. You have all the notes, you have the hours to spend reviewing. What you were thinking was to get the highest score, (of course) relying on your imagined and proposed answers to questions. You were at the height thinking about the praises that you’ll get when the lights turned off. Then you end up having none to answer to the test questions during the exam.


In everyday situation, waking up each morning and knowing that there’s always something to look forward to, would contemplate the fact that don’t stay at your bed wasting everything thinking about it. Better to rise and make it happen. Assuring that you won’t let that jar of barley − the days/hours/minutes − to pass by without something new to discover and complete.